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  • Itishmira Croes

Last Update - May 2023 /// New Update Sep 2023

My name is Itishmira but you can call me Ish.

I live on the island of Bonaire.

Recently passed my Technican Class Exam - USA and working on my General Class next.

I'm in the process of converting my USA License to BQ, Hoping to get PJ4NEO or PJ4ISH.

Altho my many HAM radio Friends say for Contesting PJ4ISH would be a pain since it's .. ... .... haha

I have been part of BAR - Bonaire Amateur Radio Club since 2020.

My club consist of great amateur operators and I want to thank PJ4NX Peter for introducing me to the HAM World, its been a lovely journey.

My Elmer is K2NG Noah, he's been so kind to set up a rig for me, when the time comes, I will operate on it.

In April 2023, I'll be the Radio House Manager of PJ4G, it's a big contest winner Radio House on the island of Bonaire. The G stands for the Goat, The Greatest Of them All. The Radio House is owned by K2NG and I want to thank him for this great opportunity.

See you on the wave.



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